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Join us for our Next Facebook Live, How Fellowships Can Change Your Life

Craig Zelizer

September 6, 2018

As part of our Social Change Career Helping Line, the world's first crowd & expert sourced helping for Careers in Change, we've started doing weekly Facebook Live sessions called "Lets Talk About Careers in Change".

???Our next Facebook Live which will take place this coming Tuesday September 11 at NOON EST and the topic is How Fellowships Can Really Change Your Life.

Many people aspiring to advance a career of change too often think narrowly about the paths to build skills and experience. This can include higher education, training, internships, and paid employment. One area that is all to frequently unexplored is the role of fellowships in building a high impact career. While it isn't easy to obtain a fellowship, there are host of opportunities ranging from funding to support graduate education, to short-term fellowship to professional and policy fellowships open to candidates at various levels of experience.

Join us as we demystify the fellowship world, talk about how to explore and find the potential right opportunity, ways to increase one's chances of having a successful application and more. Learn from the PCDN Leadership team who together have been received and benefited from almost 10 fellowships/scholarships. They've also mentored hundreds of people in the fellowship application process and regularly serve on review panels for some of the top programs in the world.

???See you Tuesday for our #letstalkaboutcareers #career #funding #socialchange #socialimpact #fellowships #scholarships

All you need to is join our Social Change Career Helping Line be online at the time of the session. Participants can put forward their own questions as well as share your own insights & experiences.

The session will also be recorded and viewable in the Social Change Career Helping Line.

Videos from past sessions and tons of insights from our amazing community can be found in the group.

The Social Change Career Helping Line is Powered by Rotary’s Peace Fellowship program
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