E1-S5 How to hack your education and change the world as a digital nomad with Marcela Fernández.

Summary & Key Takeways

We open Season 5 with an amazing stubborn optimist. Marcela Fernández and Fito (her companion dog who also joined in) not only dropped out of college and fought family and societal pressures to find what made sense to her. And what worked for her may not work for you but still, its worth a listen how she has so far founded 5 companies, speaks several languages, has traveled to 67 countries (with Fito).

Episode 1 of Season 5 is brought to you by The Rotary Peace Fellowship

Listen how Marcela became a digital nomad, a Tedex speaker and Flow Consultant- and how she saves glaciers in the meantime. You will also love to hear her transition from business owner to employer brand Ambassador of Selina- – one of the world’s top startups serving the rapidly growing Digital Nomad Community.

Key links


Tedx Marcela Fernandez (en español)

Pazabordo La Chiva de la Paz

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