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How FPP averted civil war in Nigeria

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July 2, 2018

Averting civil war through genocide prevention in Northern Nigeria

Foundation for Peace Professionals (FPP) is responsible for the popular anti hate advocacy carried out in August 2017 to avert the call for genocide in Northern Nigeria.

FPP uncovered a dangerous and inciting hate song calling for genocide against a section of the country (igbo) in northern Nigeria and we promptly launched an emergency anti hate advocacy to avert the catastrophic response that may occur as a result of the sad development.

Our advocacy quickly gained national prominence, as leaders across the country, including past presidents, governors and ministers all re-echoed our message, in addition to the responses of traditional, religious and socio-cultural organizations. 

With the aide of all those who re-echoed our messages, which include regional and global organizations such as United Nations, African Union and Ecowas, government was forced to take prompt action and we were able to avert a major catastrophe that could have befallen the nation as a result of the hate campaign by ethnic and regional advocates.

Many analysts have argued that, our intervention in preventing genocide in Northern Nigeria could be equated to averting a civil war in the country.


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