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OUT NOW! The 2020 State of Civil Society Report from CIVICUS

Craig Zelizer

May 29, 2020
OUT NOW! The 2020 State of Civil Society Report includes analysis on climate, LGBTQ rights,
democratic freedoms, international cooperation, the rise of collective action and #COVID19. Read it at: web.civicus.org/SOCS2020 #SOCS2020
The annual State of Civil Society Report analyses key events and trends impacting on civil society, and civil society responses to the major challenges of the day. The ninth edition of our report focuses on the main trends from 2019. This report is about, from and for civil society, drawing on 50 interviews with civil society activists, leaders and experts, as well as CIVICUS’s ongoing research, analysis and advocacy programmes.

As the report’s overview section makes clear, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated, accelerated and further exposed crucial global challenges that came to the fore in 2019: restricted civic and democratic freedoms, economic policies that fail most people, widespread exclusion, limited international cooperation and a failure to follow the science and act on the global emergency of climate change.

The report calls for civil society to be recognised as crucial partners in the struggle to build a better post-pandemic world. It suggests that the experiences of civil society strategies deployed and many successes won in 2019, as detailed in the report’s pages, can guide a way out of the crisis and help resolve the profound economic, social and political problems that preceded the pandemic.

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