E1-S1 Craig Zelizer On Taking Bold Risks

Summary & Key Takeways

Known by everyone in the social change scene, from peace building to social entrepreneurship,  Craig is “a compulsive networker and information sharer”. How does he manage to Tweet at 4am? Who hasn’t received an email from him? Who is this guy? Found out about Craig’s earlier years, his biggest failures, how he made bold choices, his PhD years, on quitting jobs, and his transition from academic to social entrepreneur here in Episode 1 of the Social Change Career Podcast.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Craig’s pretty normal and privileged upbringing in a typical U.S. suburb
  • How Craig was affected by the threat of nuclear proliferation
  • How he found his groove in social activism during the college years
  • On listening to mentors, applying to a Fullbright Fellowship, learning    languages and building NGOs
  • Why and how he chose his PhD
  • Balancing of work and school
  • His burnout and failure moment
  • On quitting an amazing job
  • How he spent 10 years at Georgetown University
  • How and why he created PCDNetwork
  • Craig’s transition from Georgetown to PCDN full time
  • On making counterintuitive choices
  • Lessons from his failures in how they inform his current work
  • On his struggle with work-life balance
  • Craig’s top tips to advance a career in social change


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