E4-S2 Tammy Lynn Gilmore on Asking for What Your Want

Summary & Key Takeways

Tammy Lynn Gilmore is an event producer, grant maker, grant program creator and social impact expert. She ran the SXSW Community Service Awards, the Social Impact track of programming and oversees grant-making at SXSW. If you (it happened to me) don’t know or have never heard of SXSW this is the podcast to learn about Tammy and South by South West (SXSW). Check out Episode 4 of the Season 2 of The Social Change Career Podcast.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Born in Houston, Texas but raised in Spokane, Washington, Tammy’s mother spoke two languages and her father was Canadian
  • On how her father lost his business and moved up North
  • Tammy’s interests were Theater, English and reading.
  • Tammy went to college Western Washington University (between Vancouver and Seattle) that shaped her a lot
  • How Tammy put herself to college with scholarships and grants (she was the first person -on her mothers side- to attend college
  • How Tammy did a lot of odd jobs to pay bills and also worked for Microsoft
  • Tammy graduated college on 1999
  • Workwise she did marketing gigs in them she learn how to relate to clients, how to do PR, how to talk about a product
  • How Tammy returns to Texas to be closer to her mum after her father’s passing
  • How Tammy attends this party and met this weird cool looking lady called Eve McArthur who was Operations Director at SXSW
  • How Tammy became an intern as her first SXSW job before getting a formal contract with SXSW
  • Tammy explains what SXSW and we talked about what it means to be working at SXSW for 12 years
  • Tammy’s favorite SXSW story (a music story)
  • Tammy’s current responsibilities at SXSW
  • How Tammy developed the grant for Community Service Awards (for individuals and organizations)
  • Key skills for people to succeed in today’s job markets according to Tammy
  • Tammy’s take on her career trajectory in SXSW
  • Tammy’s take on failure
  • Tammy’s career advice



Dewey Community Service Awards by SXSW

Girls Empowerment Network 

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