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Embracing Our Own Power

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July 1, 2017

Why is it so hard to embrace our own power? To own our gifts? To even say out loud, “I have gifts.” To present ourselves to others without deflecting or making ourselves smaller than we really are? Recently I’ve been hearing the call to step into my own power. When I stopped resisting and started listening, these are the words I heard. Offering them here for anyone who might be hearing their own call.

Dear Brave One,

It’s time. What you’ve done in the last few years?—?leaving a career that was alien to you, learning to love yourself, coming home to your own body and emotions?—?all of that was preparation. It was the healing and fortifying you needed for what’s ahead now.

What’s ahead of you is your full power, and it will take you radically out into the world. You will be visible. Your voice will be true and brave enough to be heard. You will write. You will speak. Light will shine through you, and hearts will open. You will draw people to you. As you come into your full and undiminished presence, you will awaken the longing in others to do the same.

I hear the doubt arising even now: “These are embarrassing delusions of grandeur.”

Come back into the quiet. Feel what is here. Go to the energy that’s been growing, starting in your belly and now pushing up against your chest and throat, demanding release. For a long time it’s been patiently waiting, curled up in the way a panther can be at rest. In its wise way it knew the healing was important, knew that without the healing the ground was too shaky to support it. But now it’s restless to move.

To release this energy will be an act of letting go. What it wants to become is greater than what you, in this moment, would imagine or permit. You’ve been so accustomed to living as a small version of yourself, that your imagination is seeing garden plots when what’s before you are primeval forests.

This is not your fault. Being small is what enabled you to survive as a defenseless child, with unpredictable rage inside the home and racism outside. You learned that by making yourself small and harmless at the first hint of danger, you could send the message, “I am not a threat to you. You don’t need to hurt or banish me.” It’s time to let this go too. The defenseless child you used to be?—?she made it through. She’s ready for more, as are you. 

I don’t downplay the enormity of what all of this will require of you?—?to open yourself wholeheartedly to an energy, a knowing, a call that your mind cannot decode, except to acknowledge, “This body feels something.” I can only say that the knowing will not go away. It is just as real as the table you sit at. And it will continue to grow and push. To suppress it will be to turn away from wholeness.

I can also say that you will not be alone. It’s no accident that I came to you first as an experience of unconditional love, an embrace that knows no fear. You know your way back to me now, and the path will always open itself to you. I will always be here, exactly where you found me the first time. My hands will be here to hold yours, my lap to lay your head on. You can always come to rest in love.

And I will continue to send kindred souls to support you, as I’ve been doing. You can trust their love. Let yourself love them and be loved by them. You are not the orphan you imagine yourself to be.

There’s nothing to do now but to start. It’s time.

With devotion,

The Universe, Your Higher Self, The Great Mother, Spirit, The Great Mystery, The Divine…(Yes, I’m trying to tell you that it doesn’t matter what you call me.)

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