E9S12 Building a Career Working on Child & Labor Rights with Purva Gupta

Summary & Key Takeways

In the latest episode of The Social Change Career Podcast, learn from Purva Gupta, a human rights practitioner dedicated to child protection, labor exploitation, and international development. With experience spanning over 30 countries, Purva has tackled critical global issues such as child labor, education challenges, and human trafficking through effective program leadership, advocacy, and partnerships.

Purva's commitment to decolonizing aid and evolving international development practices is infused into work. As the a former Director of Engagement and Communication at the Global March Against Child Labor, an organization led by Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Take a listen to the episode and learn the following:

  1. Experienced Insights: Purva shares valuable lessons from her extensive career, shedding light on the complexities of child protection and labor exploitation.
  2. Grounded Strategies: Learn how Purva navigates the intersection of programs, advocacy, and partnerships to effectively support civil society organizations and underserved communities while working towards shifting the balance of power in international development.
  3. Actionable Knowledge: Gain a deeper understanding of the nuances involved in tackling global issues such as child labor, education, and human trafficking, and explore how businesses can respect and support human rights.
  4. Direct Impact: Discover Purva's personal contributions to grassroots change, her mentoring work, and her initiatives to connect families with aid during critical times, emphasizing the importance of community-based support.
  5. Career Impact Tips: Benefit from Purva's insights on upskilling, trends, and challenges in the impact sector.

Also see below for a list of all the resources Purva highlighted in the podcast

Exploring Resources on Decolonisation and International Development & Aid

In my journey to deepen my understanding of decolonisation within international development and aid, I've come across some pivotal organizations. Here’s a snapshot of those at the forefront of this crucial conversation (note: this list is not exhaustive):

  • Partos: A leading voice in challenging power inequalities within the development sector. Their latest report, “Where do we go from here? Navigating power inequalities between development NGOs in the aid system,” is a must-read. Website | LinkedIn
  • Change the Game Academy: Innovating the landscape of local fundraising and mobilisation, empowering organizations globally. Website | LinkedIn
  • Participatory Grantmakers: Advocating for a more inclusive approach in grantmaking, this community is all about amplifying grassroots voices. Website | LinkedIn
  • The Development Hub: A UK-based initiative driving discussions on sustainable development practices. Website | LinkedIn

Voices Leading the Charge

Beyond organizations, there are individuals whose insights and work in this field have been invaluable:

Investing in My Learning

Next month, I’m excited to start the "Shifting Power Accelerator" course by Maya Hasan. This upskilling opportunity is perfectly aligned with my commitment to understanding and actioning power shifts in development. Learn More

Global Community Engagement

One project that has caught my attention is "Global Development for Palestine," a testament to the power of global solidarity and collaborative development. Discover Here

Recent Inspirations

  • Book: "The Last Queen" by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. This historical non-fiction piece brings to life the story of the young queen of Punjab, illuminating her courage and resilience during British rule in India. Goodreads
  • Movie: "12th Fail," a recent Bollywood film that beautifully portrays the inspiring true story of a young man's relentless pursuit of his dream job, highlighting the essence of resilience in society. IMDb | Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar


Purva Gupta has seamlessly woven her expertise in commerce with a strong dedication to social justice, leading her to significant roles within the human rights field. Her academic background from the University of Delhi and the London School of Economics has equipped her with the tools to critically engage with development issues. A committed mentor and advocate, Purva's passion extends beyond her professional roles, as she dedicates time to pro-bono work, fundraising, and mentoring, all while finding solace in the joys of travel, reading, baking, and the tranquility of nature walks.

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