E5-S3 "What the heck, just apply" with career coach expert Surabhi Lal

Summary & Key Takeways

Want to listen directly from an expert career coach? Senior advisor at Jobs for the Future, Surabhi Lal talked about her decade of experience coaching careers of change. Surabhi sits at the intersection of conversations with job seekers and employers in the public service space. Listen to Surabhi’s career trajectory as she also share careers tips, dos and don’ts, based on her decade of working with students and professionals in the social good space. From bringing you career tips; real insights of what employers are looking for to the emotional dimensions of job search, find out how Episode 5 of the Season 3 of The Social Change Career Podcast can help you in your job search journey.

 *At the time of the recording, Surabhi held the title of Director of Career Services NYU Wagner. Don’t panic, we change careers, rather, enjoy the podcast.

Episode 5 of Season 3 is brought to you by The Rotary Peace Fellowship.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Surabhi grew up in the suburbs of D.C. and her parents were civil servants
  • The impact of seeing her mum receiving her doctoral degree
  • How Surahbi’s spent almost every summer in India and how that shaped her
  • Surabhi’s bachelors degree and how she wanted to work on International Development
  • How Surabhi got involved on campus which shaped her choice for graduate school in Education
  • How Surabhi felt into career services and felt in love with career development
  • Career Tip 1 from Surabhi
  • What it means to NOT have the right experience but have the right SKILLS
  • Be confident and identify transferable skills
  • On the gap between employers and universities 
    • Why you need on –the- ground financial experience
    • For M&E, you need to know the tenets and fundamentals
    • If you are an entrepreneur you need to be confident and know how to do a good pitch
  • How to use graduate school course work to advance your career
  • On the importance of explaining your point of view
  • How NOT to brag but how to explain your credentials
  • Employers want better inter-personal skills
  • What employers are looking for these days in the social good sector
  • Key skills to have in the future of work
  • The emotional side of applying for a job
  • How much time to spent looking for a job and what to do to keep it together
  • Check your resume (again)
  • Are you doing enough in terms of your job search?
  • Purple pen pain: this will help your resume
  • Surabhi’s best career advice
  • Surabhi’s take on failure and perfection
  • Top three things to pursue a career of impact by Surabhi



Virginia Tech

NYC Wagner School of Public Service

National Association of Colleges and Employers

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