E3-S2 Bridging the Worlds of Mindfulness & Social Impact with Paul Zelizer

Summary & Key Takeways

A pioneer on the intersection of mindfulness and social impact business. Bridging the worlds of mindfulness and marketing, Paul is a thought leader, an entrepreneur, providing connection, advice and coaching to hundreds of conscious business leaders. Listen to Episode 3 of Season 3 to learn how Paul is changing the work with his mindful marketing approach.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Growing up in the Hudson Valley, NY in a white, privileged community.
  • How Paul sees his mother as a role model who stepped out of the norm and has deeply impacted three generations.
  • How Paul sees the progressive Jewish influence in his family and his own life.
  • How Paul’s educational experience (college) was very painful and how he thrived in graduate school
  • His graduate degree in counseling with a psycho-neuro immunology approach in 1989 in Boston
  • Mindfulness is a 1billion dollar industry
  • How he has been since the beginning in the mindfulness trend
  • Paul’s move in 1993 and life in New Mexico
  • Paul’s 15 years of work (restorative justice, ending gender-based violence, masculinities) before he became a social entrepreneur
  • Paul’s take on NGO and/ or Social Enterprise and how they are false dichotomies
  • Paul’s definition of what a conscious entrepreneur is
  • Paul explains what his business is and the foundational tenets of Awarepreneurs
  • But how does he make a living? Paul explain his paulzelizer.com (marketing consulting) and Awarepreneurs (a network of 400 conscious impact entrepreneurs)
  • Paul’s work-life balance and burn-out prevention strategies
  • Paul’s best career advice he has received in his life
  • Paul’s failure story
  • Paul’s top three things to follow a career of impact


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Mindfulness-based stressed reduction


The Relaxation Response

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A different voice

Authentic Content Marketing


Paul Zelizer

Center for Greater Good


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