E11S10: The Inside Story of a Reformed Recruiter with Spencer Campbell

Summary & Key Takeways


What does an experienced recruiter say is the key to getting hired? If you resonate with this question, you have arrived to the right episode.

In Episode 11 of Season 10 of The Social Change Career Podcast,  Dr. Craig Zelizer  interviews Spencer Campbell to unravel the secrets from a highly experienced social impact recruiter.  

From the Peace Corps to finding fulfillment in the recruitment field, Spencer cover a range of key topics including negotiating salaries, the job search process, and switching careers. He stresses the importance of continuous learning, networking, and building authentic relationships. T

Spencer also shares terrific personal experiences and perspectives on the recruitment process, including understanding the hiring company's budget and researching salary negotiations. Tune in to gain valuable insights into the world of recruitment and social impact careers.

Key Topics:

  • First Job Search Advice
  • Resume Tips
  • The most important skills to have
  • Advice for Switching Sectors and mid-Career Pivots
  • Being prepared for Interviews and Engaging with Recruiters
  • Importance of Networking
  • Salary Negotiations

Spencer has seen it all in his career recruiting in Social Impact. He's led large scale recruitment drives in Africa with tens of thousands of candidates and managed recruiting teams at rapidly scaling social ventures including One Acre Fund and currently runs Spencer Campbell Talent Agency . Throughout, he's gained a unique perspective on the right way to do things when it comes to hiring. In this insightful episode, Spencer explores various aspects of the social impact hiring, including:

  • Building a Successful Career in Social Impact: Explore the skills, experiences, and strategies that can help you stand out and make a difference.
  • Practical Tips for Landing a Great Job in Social Impact: Spencer will share tips on searching for the right opportunities, telling your story in interviews and negotiating your salary in the social impact space.
  • Talent is Equally Distributed but Opportunity to date isn’t: He will share some insights on trends to increase access to opportunities in the impact sector. 

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Spencer Campbell is a social impact professional who has made it his mission to help people find the job they deserve. Spencer is the founder and chief talent agent of the Spencer Campbell Talent Agency, a company that represents social-impact professionals just like a Hollywood talent agency. The company makes the job search as painless as possible for clients by finding them the best opportunities and making direct connections with the hiring team. Spencer has interviewed a thousand people and helped hire hundreds, having been on the other side of the table at every stage of the interview process.

Spencer has an impressive career in social impact. Before founding his company, he worked for One Acre Fund, a non-profit organization that serves small-scale farmers in Africa, leading recruitment innovation. He also served as a teacher and a Peace Corps Volunteer. Spencer received his education in Economics and Math from Michigan State University. He loves language learning, cooking and his dog, Chai. If you'd like to find out more about how he can help you directly, you can book time to speak with him on his calendar at http://spencercampbelltalent.com/

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