E4-S5 Don’t listen to your parent’s advice.  From financier to social good champion with Devin Thorpe.

Summary & Key Takeways

How can one tackle poverty, disease and climate change with a finance career and become a social good champion?   Devin Thorpe who left the world of financing (in this case a whole career in the world of finance (as an investment banker, CFO, treasurer and mortgage broker) and turned it around to become an author, educator and speaker and ultimately a social good champion.

Episode 4 of Season 5  (click here to listen) is brought to you by The Rotary Peace Fellowship.

In Episode 4 learn about  Devin’s social good initiatives such as Yourmarkonyourworld.com and his podcast The Social Impact Podcast, his books read by millions about using money for good, crowdfunding and CSR.  Don’t miss this chance to explore this amazing exploration on all things career transition and beyond.

Key links:

Your Mark on the World

The Social Impact Podcast




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