E6-S4 Don’t think out of the box…. Think of a NEW BOX. Video games and social impact with Federico Restrepo

Summary & Key Takeways

"Don’t think out of the box…. Think of a NEW BOX. Video games and social impact with Federico Restrepo" Episode 6 Season 4

While originally from Medellin, Colombia, Federico has worked all over the world developing partnerships and is an organizational management expert focused on youth and leadership development. As a child, he wasn’t learning Chinese and practicing for standardized tests.  In fact, he played a LOT of video games growing up, traded college for adventures with pink dolphins and now co-directs the newly Impact Hub in Medellin. In Episode 6 of Season 4 (click to listen) he talks about his passion for global youth engagement at the largest scale, the Sustainable Development Goals and his key role in building one of the most interesting social innovation labs in South America.

Episode 6 of Season 4 is brought to you by The Rotary Peace Fellowship and the Graduate Program in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence at the Heller School for Social Policy at Brandeis University.

In this episode we discuss:

  • From being born in Envigado, Colombia in 1989 and how he learned English, Geography and History while watching video games
  • How he took college-level webinars in the AM and swam with pink dolphins in the afternoon: and his overall college experience
  • How he started travelling with the organization AIESEC and connecting the dots for his passion on engaging youth and the SDGs
  • How until 2015 Federico was focused on a career in corporate world and even applied for a job in Nintendo… but then the SDGs happened and also the birth of his niece
  • Federico’s aha! moment in the airplane: Youth 4 Global Goals (YFGG) was created
  • How 600 million people reached with YFGG, UN, ADB and more than 5,000 projects and 200,000 youth engaged in those projects
  • The Young Persons Guideline to Changing the World
  • Why Federico returned to Colombia after a successful career abroad
  • Impact Hub and the creation of an global impact community in Medellin
  • Diversity as a MUST in the ecosystem of impact entrepreneurs
  • Key skills for the future of impact work
  • Life wisdom and avocado truth from Federico




Youth 4 Global Goals

Asian Development Bank

The Young Persons Guideline to Changing the World

Impact Hub Medellin

Bandeja Paisa (photo)


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This episode was brought thanks to the Rotary Peace Center and Brandeis University:

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