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Join us for our Next Facebook Live "How to build a digital profile for a career of impact""

Craig Zelizer

August 6, 2018

Dear Colleagues

As part of our Social Change Career Helping Line, the world's first crowd & expert sourced helping for Careers in Change, we've started doing weekly Facebook Live sessions called "Lets Talk About Careers in Change".

Our next session will be on Tuesday August 7th at 12 Eastern Standard Time.

This week we will talk about "How to build a digital profile for a career of impact." We will discuss topics such as how to use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook to advance a career in social change? Is social media is your friend or foe? How does one build an authentic profile online? What are some dos and do nots when engaging in social media for career development.

This week will do something different and run the FB live on our PCDN Facebook Page. All you need to is like our page and be online at the time of the session. Participants can put forward their own questions as well as share your own insights & experiences.

The session will also be recorded and viewable on the PCDN Facebook Page and in our Social Change Career Helping Line.

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