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Careers at the Intersection of Finance, Food, and Impact

Craig Zelizer

January 26, 2024

Join Us for the Next Social Change Career Podcast Livestream with Sofia Condes On "Careers at the Intersection of Finance, Food, and Impact"

Our upcoming episode features Sofia Condes, Head of Investor Outreach at the FAIRR Initiative. As a pioneer in sustainable food systems, innovative finance, and global development, her career spans the private sector, nonprofits, and leadership in systemic change. This episode will offer invaluable insights for those aiming to work in systems-level change.

Why Tune In:

  • Learn how Sofia transitioned from mainstream finance to roles driving systemic change.
  • Gain perspective on aligning careers with social impact.
  • Discover how innovative and sustainable finance can transform sustainable food systems.
  • Get Sofia’s advice on emerging social impact career paths.

Event Details:

Why is PCDN doing this? Our mission is to empower professionals and students to pursue impactful careers in social change. For more tailored guidance, visit the PCDN Career Campus.

About Sofia: Sofia Condes is an internationally recognized leader in sustainable development and impact finance. At the FAIRR Initiative, she's a driving force in food systems, sustainable finance and environmental sustainability. Her career includes roles at J.P. Morgan and the World Economic Forum, leading a blended finance programme, and managing complex food and nutrition projects in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa. With dual Master’s degrees in Development Economics and Public Health, and fluency in English, Spanish, and French, Sofia's expertise is unparalleled. She's a dynamic force on advisory boards of social impact organizations worldwide.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain career insights from a leader driving systemic change!

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