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Call for Applications, The Acumen Civic Accelerator: Future of Work

Craig Zelizer

August 20, 2019

The Acumen Civic Accelerator, formerly part of Points of Light and joining +Acumen in 2019, is focused on accelerating for-profit and nonprofit early-stage ventures that are addressing critical social challenges. Each Civic Accelerator program provides up to $100,000 in funding for two promising social startups.

Presented by the PwC Charitable Foundation

The Problem

We live in an era of unprecedented speed with respect to technical innovation and adoption. A 2017 Brookings report found that nearly two-thirds of new jobs created since 2010 require either medium or high-level digital skills, yet in the US, a 50% shortage of computer/IT graduates is expected by 2024. The consequences of this skills gap extend to individuals and communities. Individuals entering the workforce, without market-ready technical skills, may face barriers to enter middle-skill opportunities and higher earning potential, as those jobs requiring technical skills pay an average of 17% higher salaries.


Low-income and minority communities are more severely impacted. A Pew study found that roughly one-third of families with a household income less than $50k and with children ages 5-18, don’t have high-speed internet at home. This gap in access to digital services not only contributes to the “homework gap,” the premise that low-income students are at a disadvantage without online access to complete homework, but also correlates with the finding that low-income and minority populations on average demonstrate lower rates of digital literacy.

How might we create a future of work where all can succeed in the innovation economy?

The Solution

The Acumen Civic Accelerator: Future of Work, presented by the PwC Charitable Foundation – a 10-week entrepreneur boot camp – will help accelerate 10-15 innovative, scalable ventures that increase workforce access, readiness and success through:

Equipping the Next Generation

Developing tech capabilities among K-12 students to prepare for tomorrow’s workplace

Digital Skills for Economic Mobility

Training and access to higher-wage opportunities for working adults across gender, race, class and geographies

Addressing Workplace Automation

Technical upskilling, on-site education and credentialing in industries undergoing digital transformation

Access to Digital Products and Services

Inclusive access to high-speed internet, mobile communication, and connected devices

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