E9-S6 Building a successful career as an anti-corruption expert with Blair Glencorse

Summary & Key Takeways

Building a successful career as an anti-corruption expert can be seen as the enormous challenge of creating sustainable systems for accountability at a global level. Transforming the widespread and often accepted practice of corruption at many levels to systems based on transparency and accountability that foster increased participation and trust between citizens and public actors is an ambitious goal  that Blair Glencorse is dedicated to achieving in his work.   A seasoned international development professional and social entrepreneur with significant experience across issues of governance, accountability, institutional reform and political economy transitions, Glencorse is making governance work for people.

Blair is an Echoing Green Fellow and also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Anti-Corruption, the Lead of the Anti-Corruption Working Group of the C20, the global civil society network affiliated with the G20; and a member of the World Bank’s Expert Advisory Council on Citizen Engagement. He has worked around the world with governments, the private sector, philanthropists and civil society to improve lives.

In Episode 9 of Season 6, Glencorse shares with us how he fights corruption for a living and how he is disrupting the way anti-corruption work is conducted.  A key innovation of his organization is moving away from a focus on only naming and shaming to change behavior and policy. Instead, the Accountability Lab, prefers to name and fame those that are giving back and working with integrity.

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