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Amazing Interviews with Leading Innovators at Ashoka U Exchange

Craig Zelizer

May 2, 2017

Ashoka U Exchange From March 2-4 I was fortunate to attend the Ashoka U Exchange in Miami. I was able to do Facebook Live Interviews with a number of key innovators working on amazing initiatives in higher ed. Below please find these interviews below (there is also a video of the keynote leading educator/organizer Parker Palmer from the Center from Courage and Renewal gave at the event ). I encourage you to take a minute to take a look and learn more about their amazing work/ideas and be inspired.

The Exchange is one of the world’s largest annual gatherings that showcases exciting new models of social innovation in higher education. Over the course of three days, the Exchange offers over 100 sessions including site visits, workshops, panels, keynotes and curated lunch conversations that all aim to build a community of changemakers in higher education. Each year participants come to the Exchange asking and answering the question: “How can we play a role in transforming our institutions into engines for social impact?”


A) Great to chat with Annika Erickson-Pearson, Director of Search at StartingBloc. The world needs better leaders. (startingbloc.org)




B) Delighted to chat with Julie Savaria, Director of Academic Partnerships, North America for Emzingo at #exchange17



C) Great to chat Carl Hildebrand Cofounder Singularity University Miami Chapter and Director of Fuckup nights Miami...(it is about learning from failure)




D) Great to Chat with Kenny Andejeski, a Social Entrepreneurship Fellow with TimeBanks USA and future Program Leader with Remote Year, gives his take on community building #exchange2017



E) Great to chat with J Kim wright from Cutting edge law #exchange2017



F) Great to hear keynote from Parker Palmer from Center from Courage and Renewal at #exchange2017 check out his amazing work



F) Great to chat with PCDNetwork member Yi Zhang, Social Innovation Programs Director, VIA Programs


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