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Change Agents, Applying Collaboration Across Sectors

Craig Zelizer

November 1, 2017

Change Agents: Applying Cross-Sector Collaboration from Case Creative on Vimeo.

This video, submitted in the CUGH 2018 video competition, details the cross-sector collaboration model being pioneered in Old Fadama, the largest urban slum in Accra, Ghana.

The cross-sector collaboration formed in February 2015 between the city and the Old Fadama community to address complex challenges such as lack of sanitation,adequate housing, and education. In this video, stakeholders discuss the cross-sector collaboration model and demonstrate our innovative stakeholder platform, which allows the government to work with transparency and provide a voice for citizens to take part in resolving challenges that affect them.

The stakeholders created a sanitation plan, securing funding and permitting for community latrines in Old Fadama. The plan was adopted by local businesses, freeing up the stakeholders to create a new strategy. While still in its infancy, this video demonstrates the strength and scalability of the cross-sector collaboration model to address systemic issues in global health.

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