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Video from #BeyondtheBox: Education, Creativity & Innovation Event (featuring five amazing speakers)

Craig Zelizer

April 14, 2017

Below please find the video from an the amazing #Beyondthebox education and innovation event held on April 13, 2017 at Wework DC (the sound quality isn't great but the evening was wonderful to take a listen). "Beyond the Box" is a speaker series inviting innovators from different industries to demystify people's perception of creativity and creative thinking. By bringing together 4 industry specialists, we will take a closer look into how these individuals and their organizations have gone beyond the traditional definition of their industry. In the summer of 2016, we partnered with WeWork DC to pilot the series inviting 20+ speakers from across government, real estate, law, food, and media!

InnovatorsBox and WeWork DC are collaborating again this year for the second edition of Beyond the Box to take a deeper look at creativity in government, education, healthcare, and technology. Interested in being part of the conversation? Check out our upcoming events




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