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PCDN webinar: What in the world is BLOCKCHAIN & how does it relate to social change?

Craig Zelizer

June 19, 2018

Take a listen to the recording of our second webinar of the 2018 PCDN Career Series on The Future of Work in Social Change. We talk about Blockchain and Social Change with noted expert Luc Lapointe. Block what? Exactly. If you have briefly heard of it, know a little bit or have no clue what it is and more importantly how will it affect the field of social change, this webinar is for you.

We even throw in the terms cryptocurrency and bitcoin and you can impress everyone in your office after this webinar. Crypto who? Bitcoin? A full description of the webinar is below.

few key points after watching the webinar

1) For more info on Luc's work see http://thebclab.com/about-us/

2) Some key resources on Blockchain for Social Good/Impact

a)  Blockchain for social impact https://www.blockchainforsocialimpact.com/

b) Beeck Center


c) Medium.com

This is a great long-form blogging site and if you search you can find lots of relevant material

d) TechChange.org

Has great courses on key topics in international development including Blockchain for development (note TC does sometimes advertise on PCDN).

e) Also don't forgot to become part of PCDNetwork.org & also check out our amazing Social Change Career Helping Line


Stay tuned to PCDN for much more content as part of our Career Series this year as well as all you need to build a career of social impact.


the PCDN team



In this new reality, if you haven’t heard or know about this emerging technology YOU ARE BEHIND. This is the reason we bring cutting edge webinars and more so, we bring experts to talk about and to link it with the field of social change.

It is clear the BlockChain technology has significant potential to impact the world of social change. It is already being used in a wide variety of applied settings from fostering more transparent systems of land rights, in election monitoring or to help promote greater transparency in the international aid system.

We’ve still only touched on the beginning of what BlockChain might do for the social change sector. Of course, there is a lot of hype with some people saying if we can only BlockChain everything the world would be a better place. The truth is the technology can be used in a wide variety of ways in the marketplace, for social good as well as social bad.

The interactive webinar features Mr. Luc Lapointe, founder & CEO of the BC.lab.  He is a noted expert on innovative finance in development and hard at work exploring the potential of BlockChain for social impact in a wide-variety of contexts, including in Colombia where he is based.

 We address questions including:

1)   What in the world is Blockchain?

2)   What is Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin?

3)  How is the technology already being used?

4)  How can get beyond the hype to see what is the real potential?

5)  What do I need to know about the Blockchain as a social change professional?


About the speaker:


Over the past 25 years, Luc Lapointe has been working closely with and for the not-for-profit sector in sectors such as banking reform, vaccine preventable diseases, immigration, international development, financial literacy, health, agriculture, and innovative financing. He has managed to influence public policies at the international, national, and local level.

During that period of time, he had the opportunity to meet with several international public figures to discuss funding of development needs. He was also published in Policy Options on the topic of Immigration and Development and most recently by the University of Lisbon as part of an international publication for the 2011 European Year of Volunteering. His research proposal on innovative financing for development was nominated for a Global Development Award in 2011 by the Global Development Network (GDNET). Most recently his initiative as won a major money prize as part of a National Geographic, Ashoka Changemakers, and IADB contest. Luc teaches international cooperation for post-graduate students at the University Javeriana as well as University Libre in Cali.

He has chaired several national consultations on integration of foreign trained workers in the workplace as well as literacy in the workplace.

Luc is currently leading a private strategy for the post-conflict in Colombia. He is also leading a global alliance to make private aid flows more effective and efficient. Luc manages several business relations in Latin America. Luc was one of the few finalists that qualified two consecutive years for the 2014 and 2015 Hult Prize.

There will be ample time for an open discussion with the participants in the webinar.

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