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Video from PCDN Webinar, Emerging Trends in the Future of Work & Social Change

Craig Zelizer

June 11, 2018

Welcome to the recording of our first Webinar in PCDN's 2018 Career Series: The Future of Work in Social Change with Amazon engineer Robert Smayda.

“Scholars at Oxford University have estimated that no less than 47% of all American jobs and 54% of those in Europe are at a high risk of being usurped by machines. And not in a hundred years or so, but in the next 20”.   You can either run in panic or think this will never happen to you. Instead, we offer an alternative. Participate in the PCDN 2018 Career Series dedicated to exploring “The Future of Work” and its implications for the social change field.  

Whether you are already an expert on the topic, or you have heard briefly about the trending phrase #thefutureofwork and want to better understand it, we invite you to join the first webinar in  PCDN’s 2018 Career Series on Emerging Trends in the Future of Work & Social Change where we will have an in-depth conversation on key technology trends and how this will impact the social sector.

In this webinar recording you will learn, among many other things:

  1. How are emerging technologies such as automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence changing the nature of work?
  2. What are the implications of emerging technologies for those building careers in the social sector?
  3. What are some of core skills that one will need to stay competitive?
  4. What are key recommendations for non-techies to develop relevant knowledge to stay competitive in this world?
  5. How can techies use their abilities to contribute to positive social impact?
  6. What is a Geek for Good?



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About the speaker:

Robert Smayda holds a BS in Computer Science from Miami University and currently is completing a MS in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, specializing in Machine Learning. He is currently a Software Development Engineer at Amazon making Alexa more personable. His previous role at Wells Fargo, focused on the Foreign Exchange markets.

Robert has a passion for leveraging technology and data to have a greater social impact in our lives. In 2014, he led an Engineers without Boarders team to Chaguarpamba, Ecuador, where they utilized data in the placement of a water chlorination tank that provided clean water to over 1000 residents.


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