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Peacebuilders wanted! Learn from a global community through the innovative offerings of the USIP Academy

Craig Zelizer

May 20, 2018

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The USIP Academy trains the people solving the global conflicts of today and tomorrow.

The USIP Academy is built on the idea that peacebuilding can be taught and learned, and that with the right knowledge and resources, those working to make peace possible around the world can create lasting global change. The Academy brings together expert practitioners and academics across disciplines and time zones to meet learners of all experience levels wherever they are: on the ground, online, and in the classroom. 

USIP Academy programming serves all those working to resolve global conflict – from defense experts to development practitioners to relief workers, and beyond. Our educational offerings are designed to provide the flexibility necessary for busy and geographically disparate professionals to further their education and professional development goals no matter their circumstances. Below are details about our upcoming opportunities, as well as further information about the Academy.

Upcoming Opportunities – Sign up today!


Conflict Analysis Online, Instructor-Led – June 2018

Insightful analysis is essential to any conflict management process, from prevention to mediation to reconciliation. USIP’s Academy will be facilitating a month long, online instructor-led course throughout the month of June that will help participants understand the potential trajectories of a conflict situation in order to develop effective peacebuilding strategies. Join our instructor, Dr. Jeffrey Helsing, and delve into the stages and dimensions of conflict, conflict analysis as a tool, and conflict assessment frameworks that can be applied to real-world events.

By engaging in the online, instructor-led learning model, participants will be able to participate in live events such as our Peace Frequency Podcasts and Program Webinars, as we hear from practitioners in the peacebuilding field. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend online Live Discussion Sections with the Instructor and their peers, to further their understanding and tap into best practices and lessons learned. At the completion of the course, and after submitting a portfolio of learning, participants will be awarded a Level 2 Certificate. To learn more about our certificates, courses, and trainings, please visit usip.org/academy.

So, who are we?

We are experts.

Our instructors are leaders in their fields who join academic rigor with frontline experience:peacebuilding and development practitioners, humanitarians, diplomats, economists, soldiers and peacekeepers, and representatives from an array of non-governmental organizations that operate in fragile and conflict-affected areas.


We are everywhere.

We meet learners of all experience levels wherever they are: on the ground, online and in the classroom. We serve all those working to resolve violent conflict globally. Our digital and in-person courses – including a new model of hybrid courses that brings together the best of flexible, self-paced learning with live access to seasoned peacebuilding professionals with experience from the frontlines of today’s most pressing global conflicts – advance our education mission to provide peacebuilding training for anyone, anywhere.

We are evolving.

Our course offerings and approaches change in parallel with best practices and new technologies and are informed by our learners’ experiences and contributions. We teach lessons from our experience on the ground, apply proven methods and analyze results – and repeat this process over and over again to be certain that our programs are rooted in real scenarios and provide tangible benefits to our students to ensure we provide highly relevant and contextual learning to aid in rapid skills development. We are continually improving our offerings by developing real-life scenarios to allow for experiential learning.

Join us:

The Academy’s website now offers a new and improved home to all of our courses, workshops, and trainings – online, on the ground, and in the classroom. Using this integrated approach, the Academy shares expertise and uses real world experiences to inform its instruction for learners of all levels. We offer 5 learning models:

  1. Online, Self-Paced courses
  2. Online, Instructor-Led courses
  3. In-Person Trainings
  4. In-Person Workshops
  5. In-Person Courses

We also offer customized training opportunities for partner institutions.

Our offerings are adaptable and varied to meet the needs of changemakers across the globe. For example, our new online instructor-led learning model, featured above in our Conflict Analysis upcoming course, is a game-changing concept that brings together the best of our classroom and online learning experiences. This new course format, including topics such as Introduction to Peacebuilding and Conflict Analysis among others, are ideal for online learners seeking direct feedback from instructors and interaction with peers. No matter where you are in the world, our brand new model provides you the opportunity to participate in a cohort-style online class led by an expert instructor who provides feedback and facilitates the peer engagement that makes continued education engaging and effective.

When the study of peacebuilding theory and practice thrives, the world thrives. We are committed to creating what we call a “global learning community” where students, practitioners, experts and leaders can share lessons with one another and have their voices heard.

Building peace requires innovative approaches. Build your skills or capacity for advancing peace through the world-class learning opportunities offered. Learn more at usip.org/academy today.



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