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Urban Innovation, the Bookstop Project in Colombia

Craig Zelizer

July 8, 2017

As previously noted part of the PCDN team is in Colombia for a short period. As part of our trip we are meeting with organizations and individuals working on innovation, social change and social entrepreneurship in the country. We have already done two interviews in Medellin. The first was on Parque Explora one of the most amazing museums in the world  see our short interview below


The second interview was with Makaia an amazing organization in Medellin (click here from more details and the video).

Alejandra one of the staff who works at the park library in the north of Bogota.

picture of the a library park in the north of Bogota.

Today we did a short interview on the amazing bus and park libraries in Bogota. We interviewed Alejandra one of the staff who works at a park in the North of Bogota, as well as Juan Camilo one of the users of the system. This is the second interview we've done in the recent times about this amazing and inspiring project.  There are now over 60 mini-libraries in public parks, grocery stores and other unique spaces. The Paraderos Paralibros Para Parques libraries serve as a place where the community can come and read, engage in cultural activities and connect. They are sponsored by the organization Fundlectura and I know from my visits to city we have certainly made use of PPP and also seen the tremendous positive impact they have on people.

See our interview from July 8th, 2017.



as well are our previous interview in 2016.




What are some of your favorite urban innovations? Imagine if all cities in the world started to put innovation and culture at the heart of their planning and engagement.

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