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UNOY Youth4Peace Training Toolkit

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July 21, 2019

We are excited to share our newest publication, the Youth4Peace Training Toolkit! With the help from UNOY members, youth trainers and experts from all over the world, author Romeral Ortiz Quintilla has put together a youth-friendly and conflict-sensitive tool that is openly available for all beginners and intermediate youth trainers and educators in the field of peacebuilding! The toolkit provides tips to develop your own training on peacebuilding & conflict transformation and creating peaceful narratives.

Aim: The toolkit has been developed to support, future and current, peer-educators to start or further implement educational programmes on peace and transforming conflicts and narratives targeting youth through non-formal education. By making this toolkit accessible online, we hope to support the shift in narratives by equipping young people with a basic understanding of core concepts, matched with relevant and practical non-formal education methods to promote the creation of an enabling environment for peace.

Structure: The toolkit is divided into four parts:

  • Part 1 explains the basics around conflict transformation & peacebuilding, transforming narratives and Youth & Peace (UNSCR 2250)

  • Part 2 provides step by step information on how to design an educational programme and how to practically prepare, plan and implement the training

  • Part 3 explains the key skills and principles to be aware of as a trainer in peacebuilding

  • Part 4 showcases examples of training modules and outlines for training sessions that are ready for you to review, adapt and use.

Call for action!

Feel free to use it, share it, copy it! Just mention that it came from UNOY Peacebuilders. Suggested citation: UNOY Peacebuilders, Ortiz Quintilla, R. (2018) Youth4Peace Training Toolkit, The Hague. Here is the link to the webpage, where you can access the 4 parts separately, but you can also download the entire toolkit here.

We would love to receive your feedback on the toolkit! Please share your reflections and points of improvement with us, when you have read and/or used the toolkit. Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin or send a mail to [email protected].

We aim to regularly, probably annually, update the toolkit and organise webinars to provide advice on how to use the toolkit. We are also translating it in Arabic, Spanish and French. Stay tuned!

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