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Transforming Lives through Art and Social Impact: A Career Journey with María Antonia Pérez

Craig Zelizer

June 5, 2024

Join us for the next Livestream episode of the Social Change Career Podcast, featuring María Antonia Pérez. Tune in on Thursday. María Antonia Pérez is a committed and passionate leader with over 20 years of experience in social transformation, working in art, peace culture (peacebuilding), and social innovation projects worldwide.

In This Episode, We Will Explore:

  • Innovative Impact: How creative thinking and innovative strategies drive social transformation.
  • Cultural Initiatives: Leveraging art and culture to build impactful careers.
  • Global Non-Profit Work: Insights from María Antonia’s experiences in diverse cultural contexts.
  • Career Growth in Social Innovation: Practical advice for professionals seeking to make a difference.

How to Attend:

Watch the Social Change Career Podcast livestream on LinkedIn & YouTube. The recording will also be uploaded to our YouTube Channel and converted to an episode of the Social Change Career Podcast.


Thursday, June 6 at 10 am EST


The podcast features short interviews led by the PCDN leadership team with our guests, and there is usually time for questions from the audience. We look forward to seeing you there!

Why is PCDN doing this?

We are dedicated to helping social impact professionals and students worldwide find their path to impactful careers. Our goal is to empower as many people as possible to put impact and changemaking at the heart of their work across diverse sectors.

For those seeking more support, access to top experts, interactive sessions, networking events, workshops, and over 350 opportunities per month (fellowships, jobs, funding, social entrepreneurship, training, and more), plus tons of members-only benefits, visit the PCDN Career Campus.

Full Bio:

María Antonia Pérez is a committed and passionate Colombian woman with over 20 years of experience in social transformation. She has developed impactful processes in the social, cultural, and educational fields, leveraging strategic and creative thinking, education for peace, and social transformation. Her work spans multiple sectors, particularly with international non-profit organizations.

María Antonia has contributed to art, peace culture Peacebuilding, and social transformation projects in Colombia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Japan. She has served as an advisor to the international NGO Peace Boat, promoting peace education programs, sustainable tourism, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With a Master's Degree in Management of Social Innovation and Local Development, and as a Rotary Peace Fellow, a Positive Peace Activator and a Asia-Pacific Leadership program alumni, she has made significant strides in fostering peace and cultural citizenship.

Previously, María Antonia worked on Cultural Citizenship positions in Bogota and Medellin with the City halls leading projects of Art for social transformation.

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