The New Reason to Work: How to Build a Career that will Change the World

Summary & Key Takeways

What is your reason to work?

In Episode 10 of Season 9 social innovator and author Roshan Paul shares what has guided his career. Roshan has been working at the intersection of leadership, innovation, social entrepreneurship, upskilling and convening for impact for more than 15 years including at his current role as Director of Leadership Practice at IREX.

Roshan shared deep insights from work around the globe helping hundreds of social impact professionals scale their skills, impact and careers. He discussed the wonders and challenges of advancing a career in the social impact sector, tips for building relevant skills and what he sees as key emerging career pathways. In addition, given his own career path and mentoring many professionals from the Global South he also highlights key recommendations for those seeking to scale a regional or remote impact career. 

Roshan Paul is the Director of Leadership Practice at IREX and the co-author of the Amazon #1 bestseller The New Reason to Work. Originally from Bangalore, India, he spent the first 10 years of his career working with Ashoka and the next 10 years co-founding and leading Amani Institute into the largest social change career development organization in the global south. He loves watching cricket, wildlife, and well-written TV shows.

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