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Showing the world the real rewards of Crowdfunding

Craig Zelizer

July 16, 2018

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the results of hard work and determination create a positive effect on the people that it concerns.

XPO² are dedicated to helping small NGO’s create changes to their local communities and make a difference that not only brings benefits to them, but to the world as a whole.

Our goal is to see genuine rewards that bring joy and safety to all those who need the support. Crowdfunding should be about seeing the happiness the process brings with each step and the elation at the end result instead of focusing on the financial journey to get to the end.

XPO² personally selects all of the groups we support meaning we have a close relationship with them and can cater the funding process to their individual needs.

Being close means we can head out to visit them and report back to everyone on how all funding is being used and show the amazing difference that the combined support is making!

Our efforts have already been paying off with a few of the small groups we help.

The progress made couldn’t have been made possible without the support of those who have already backed our wonderful groups.

We love sharing the journey as well as the end result so everyone can witness the story from start to finish.

A forest restored

The Ngong Road Forest has been a victim of intense deforestation and a lack of protection. But the efforts that XPO² are already making a huge difference to nature and to the communities.

Earlier this year, XPO² travelled to the Ngong Road Forest to take part in a wonderful event. Children from local communities and groups gathered to help plant new trees. It was this event that created the Ngong Forest Conservation Trust by combining the efforts of the small groups that were already active here.

This has become the starting point for XPO² to really get started in helping this region save their beloved forest.

Animals that are loved

Efforts in Kenya are already proving successful, previously known as the Male Conservancy and Research Centre, the Morani Preserve has been working tirelessly.

This region faces many troubles, a lot of which stem from the rising temperature brought on by global warming that is causing intense drought in the region.

This is a problem for both the people who live here, and the wildlife.Poaching is still a serious concern for the many endangered species and protecting them from further attacks is a vital pillar of the mission in this region.

The Morani Preserve is aiming to become a wonderful ecotourism location as well as working to secure the continued existence of the many endangered animals that live here.

It is a perfect location for seeing wildlife in its natural habitat and the knowledgeable Samburu tribe that run this Ranch are always happy to educate visitors.

They have grown considerably since it was founded in 2011 and have big dreams to become a safe haven where they can encourage endangered species to breed while their enthusiasm and passion will inspire all who visit.

A brighter future for all!

One group that has already seen an amazing difference from the support they’ve given is the Saigon Children. This group has been helping children in Vietnam get the education they deserve since 1992.

Their hard work over the years has paid off, showing just how much of a change they have made. They have raised millions of dollars to help build schools and gave thousands of children the education they deserve. All to help break the cycle of poverty that generations get stuck in.

Their hard work has proven incredible results with their students going on to higher education or taking up positions in the hospitality industry which offer them far greater opportunities than being bound to a low income farm.

XPO² is honored to support an already established group, and we want to see Saigon Children grow and continue to bring wonderful opportunities to disadvantaged children.

This level of change couldn’t be made possible without the support and backing provided by people all over the world.

Saving the world to bring smiles

XPO² are dedicated to bringing change to communities with an innovative crowdfunding and impact investing platform sharing the results of that with the world.

We want to show everyone how rewarding it can be to support small groups that are dedicated to change.

It’s so easy to get involved and back any of the groups and their projects, including those mentioned above!

We want to show that the XPO2 Rewards-based crowdfunding platform is not about getting funding, it’s all about giving the support small groups need to grow and make their dreams a reality. We want to help them achieve that and show the joy that every contribution helped make.

After all, that’s the real reward!

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