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Self Developing: Consciousness!

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December 24, 2017

I think you are reading this article right now because I hope you care about developing your self and widening your life’s choices. Personal development is a continuous process in man’s life and it will never be stopped. So you have come to the life because you were developing and you are developing and you will always be developing. That’s the consciousness which has no birth nor death! You are here because you were there somewhere out of time and space, and you will continue the journey to another place. therefore developing your self is to promote your consciousness to higher levels. It’s worth mentioning that every single thing in life has been formed out of data including human beings, which means a form of energy moving, It’s a transferring data from DNA to DNA through generations, so consciousness is always there and it’s always developing even before you were formed as a human being. it was never born and will never die, moreover, you are part of it and connected with it. So nobody stops developing at all, it’s a universal law.

Further developing your consciousness means being aware of your essence of who you are, where you are from, and what is your purpose of life? Life starts when a man’s self-becomes aware, and when you become aware there is consciousness. So by learning and educating you can transcend your consciousness and that should be a daily process which something you can do every day. Today with the revolution of the internet and technology; learning becomes much easier and the person who cares about improving his knowledge and skills will use the internet as a beneficial tool, it’s a massive open learning source where you can really enlarge your choice, make a better life, and connect to the higher consciousness. undoubtedly some people will use the internet as destruction tool no matter if they even destroy their life. It’s a double-edged sword and you are the one who freely can choose the way that you want to use it and you will be the only one who responsible for the consequences as well.

Since it’s a must to have your own philosophy in your life which is a kind of map of what works for your life, it’s your values and the practices that if you engage them you will reach a higher level of happiness. accordingly, it’s crucial to know what really resonates with you by keeping track and start seeing that when you do this you feel better and when you do that you don’t get excited about. The philosophy is the path where you walk in life.

Again I have to remind you that development is a continuous process and it doesn’t stop, so it’s your goal to widen your awareness. Here I would like to suggest other spiritual practices such as meditation, prayers, and yoga in which it would help to raise your awareness, and to keep you at conscious life, therefore you should give the time for these practices, the more you give attention to something the more it gets bigger as where attention goes energy flows, so if you want some thing to expand in your life just give it attention, and if you don’t want something to get expand in your life just stop giving it attention and that’s by ignoring it. For instance, those who always focus on positive things, good news, positive ideas their life will become positive most of the time or even all the time, but what if the person attached to negatives in ideas, thoughts, intentions, and problems! What if the person most of the time focus on problems, keep watching and listening bad news, and creating drama, conclusively one day that person will be part of the bad news and bad circumstances all the time. This is the reality of life that you resonate with whatever you give attention to, you become your attention and your thoughts whatever they are, in fact I’m not inviting you to escape from problems and life’s challenges off course not, but what I mean is just to give attention to solutions when problem comes, and then you will always have solutions, and be sure whenever there is a problem there is a solution too.

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