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Register for Alliance for Peacebuilding's PeaceCon 2018

Craig Zelizer

July 31, 2018

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Alliance for Peacebuilding

 PeaceCon 2018

October 24 – October 26


PeaceCon 2018, Alliance for Peacebuilding’s (AfP) annual conference, will focus on the power of collective action for peace. PeaceCon 2018 is the largest peacebuilding event in the world, and prides itself on being an inclusive and diverse event within the peacebuilding field. The conference will celebrate bold new narratives and creative experiments in the peace and security space and will explore joint strategies for impactful programming and advocacy. Participants can expect to use this dynamic three-day experience to build their networks with influential global leaders, discover new initiatives, and re-think how to build sustainable peace during a complex and turbulent time in the world. Join AfP for this monumental event where peacebuilders -- from every profession -- will collaborate more effectively for peace, and for peacebuilding approaches to security.

PeaceCon gathers together a diverse network of peacebuilders and provides them with the opportunity to share their achievements, insights, and, most importantly, visions for the future of peacebuilding. Over the course of three dynamic days, conference participants can constructively engage in an array of activities and workshops structured around cutting-edge developments in the field of peacebuilding, from neuroscience and psychosocial healing to storytelling and the media. With past participants from over 200 organizations and over 30 countries around the world, PeaceCon is a pivotal juncture for exploring the challenges facing the field of peacebuilding, as well as developing collaborative solutions for the future.

Each year, AfP’s annual conference is shaped and inspired by several key themes. PeaceCon 2018 will be centered around The Power of Collective Action which reflects the need for peacebuilders to work collaboratively for sustainable peace in the face of mounting challenges, including growing political divisions within the United States, humanitarian crises, and rising feelings of insecurity across the world. The first day of PeaceCon 2018 will be hosted by the United States Institute for Peace where conference participants will hear from prominent policymakers, advisors, and other actors engaged in the field of peacebuilding. The second and third days of PeaceCon 2018 will be held at FHI 360. Conference participants will have access to a collection of engaging workshops, simulations, and interactive sessions on innovative projects and perspectives in the field of peacebuilding.

You can now view PeaceCon 2018’s Preliminary Agenda to provide you with information surrounding tentative session topics and scheduling. The preliminary agenda contains plenary and concurrent sessions, with over 50 session topics ranging from religion and peacebuilding to fragility and governance.

Standard registration for PeaceCon 2018 is open through September 30; after this date, late registration rates will apply. Don’t miss out on the chance to hear from the foremost experts in peacebuilding on topics ranging from mediation and inclusive peace processes to technology and peace.


For registration information, visit the Alliance for Peacebuilding’s website

The Alliance for Peacebuilding is grateful for its growing list of sponsors for PeaceCon 2018. If you are looking to get exposure for your organization in a rapidly growing field for innovation and thought-leadership, you can learn more about sponsorship on AfP’s website. Join PeaceCon 2018 sponsors and build your visibility and brand recognition at the world's largest gathering of peacebuilders!

In addition to sponsorship, PeaceCon 2018 offers advertisements in the conference program and full and half-table booths at the Peacebuilding Expo. You can reserve your advertisement and booth here.


For additional questions or comments regarding PeaceCon 2018, contact Sarah Gloria, Program Associate, at [email protected].

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