E4S8: Transforming Polarization, Hatred and the Great Divide with Melody Stanford Martin

Summary & Key takeaways

How do you cope with and transform polarization, hatred and all things divisive?

Now more than ever we need all hands-on deck to deal with and heal from deep-rooted divisions in our societies.  From practitioners with formal training in conflict transformation to every day folks, we need the tools to navigate the waters of disinformation, fear and intolerance.

This episode was brought to you thanks to the Rotary Peace Fellowship (see below for more info on the opportunity)

In Episode 4 of Season 8, I sit down with Melody Stanford Martin who has made this topic her career of choice.  She is a social ethicist and communications expert; author, conflict transformation specialist, fellow podcast host, educator and blogger.

Melody shares her personal journey on why she has dedicated her professional endeavors to having “difficult conversations”.  She discusses her latest book Bravetalk and her upcoming projects on helping to heal the great divide.

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*My apologies for saying Episode 3 on this recording.  Oops.  Lost count it is Episode 4.


**Episode recorded on February 3rd, 2021

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This episode was brought to you thanks to the Rotary Peace Fellowship:

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