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PeaceCon, Seizing the Moment for Peace in a Disrupted World, is a can’t miss event for global peacebuilders

Craig Zelizer

August 14, 2019

PeaceCon is a can’t miss event for global peacebuilders, with over 250 organizations and 40 countries expected to be represented.   This year’s PeaceCon theme is Seizing the Moment for Peace in a Disrupted World, and sessions will devote focus to reorienting aid to fragile states; Women, Peace, and Security; the Triple Nexus between development, humanitarian action, and peacebuilding; learning and evaluation innovation; the intersection between technology and peacebuilding; and U.S. and locally-led peacebuilding.  In addition to leading NGOs, the 600+ attendees will include leaders from government,  philanthropy, academia, and the private sector.



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