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The 776 Fellowship Program is a two-year program for young people who want to build a better future.

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776 Fellows receive a $100,000 grant and support from the Seven Seven Six network of founders, investors, and partners. Apply Now

Goals of the Fellowship Program
Invest in young people tackling climate change

Some of our best minds around the world aren’t able to take two years off to focus on solving the greatest threat to humanity: climate change.

We’re equipping some of the most driven future leaders with the capital and support needed to fully immerse themselves in what could be the next world-saving idea.

Scale the impact of 776

Our venture fund is tasked with backing exceptional founders as early as possible in their startup journey and many great potential founders aren’t yet ready to build a company, but need the space and time (and money) to build.

Enrich our community with the next generation of talent

This program will deeply challenge our Fellows to think critically and creatively and will turnout the next generation of great founders and operators. Future 776 founders or employees could come from this Fellowship program because it’s reaching so deep into talented individuals before their careers have even started.

Program Mission & Vision

There are some big ideas that can’t wait—especially when it comes to climate change—and 776 wants to support problem-solvers at the earliest possible stage. The Fellowship Program gives 20 remarkable people under the age of 23 the chance to spend two years working on the bright idea that’s keeping them up at night. They’ll benefit from a community of peers and access to the extended 776 network through Cerebro (our firm’s operating system).

Selection Process

March 15th

Application opens

March 30th

Application closes

April 22nd

Finalists announced

May 6th

Fellows selected

June 1st

Fellowship begins!

Fellow Qualifications

We're searching for the builders, the doers — people motivated by problems and using that energy to create real, measurable solutions that will benefit underserved communities. We want our fellows to wake up every morning feeling excited and inspired by the project they’re working on.

This fellowship IS:

Skipping or dropping out of university to work on a project, idea, or company full-time that is working toward solving the climate change crisis.

Fellows must be ages 18 to 23 and can live anywhere in the world.

This fellowship IS NOT:

A paid vacation

A networking program; your job as a fellow is to ship

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