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Call for Abstracts: On Conflict-Sensitive Journalism - An International Academic Conference

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August 22, 2019

For the first time in its history, Davao (the Philippines) will see the organizing of “On Conflict-Sensitive Journalism - An International Academic Conference”, a joint initiative of PECOJON – the Peace and Conflict Journalist Network Philippines, the Media Educators of Mindanao (MEM) Inc and forumZFD. It is a unique opportunity for researchers and practitioners to go beyond the headlines, in a region often dominating the headlines. This two-day research conference, from February 10 to 11, 2020, will generate academic insights on practicing journalism and communication in a conflict setting, increasing the professionalization of journalism in general, and contributing to peacebuilding in conflict areas such as Mindanao. Do you want to be part of this experience? Respond to the call for abstracts now! Conflict-Sensitive Journalism (CSJ) is a theoretical and practical framework for media practitioners to cover conflict in a responsible way. It was borne out of the study of journalism, an understanding of conflict science, and the experience of hundreds journalists. The ‘On CSJ’ Conference contributes to this dynamic body of knowledge by generating academic insights on practicing journalism and communication in the context of (armed) conflict and emergencies. With participants from, among others, the Middle East, Northern Europe, Western Balkans and South East Asia, we support a cross-regional exchange on how journalism can contribute to understanding, engagement and action in a conflict context. This contributes to the professionalization of journalism in general and to peacebuilding in conflict areas such as Mindanao specifically. We are happy that three trailblazers of conflict-sensitive journalism will join us as speakers at the ‘On CSJ’ Conference: Dr. Crispin Maslog, writer, editor, professor of communication with over 30 years (and 37 books!) experience in the role of the media in Mindanaoan conflicts; Ms. Antonia Koop, co-founder and former CEO of PECOJON, who spent a decade of her career providing training and support for journalists in war zones; and Ms. Sigrun Rottmann, a journalist turned lecturer at the University of Dortmund, transferring insights of conducting journalism in Latin America and Europe to future media practitioners. You can present your own research at the ‘On CSJ’ conference and be part of this international event. All you have to do is to submit your research abstract for selection through the online submission portal before September 1, 2019 to avail the early bird registration fee. The deadline for all abstract submissions is November 15, 2019. All information about the ‘On CSJ’ Conference, the research themes and application can be found on www.conflictsensitivejournalism.info

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