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New Book A Human Algorithm. How Artificial Intelligence is Redefining Who We Are

Craig Zelizer

December 16, 2019

A groundbreaking narrative on the urgency of ethically designed AI and a guidebook to reimagining life in the era of intelligent technology.

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Some Key Reviews:

“Flynn Coleman will forever change the way you think about computers and our future. More important, though, she will change the way you think about humanity.

— Seth Godin, author of This Is Marketing

“Amidst an increasingly interconnected and divided world, humanity is facing a critical need for moral leadership and character to solve the issues of our present and future. A Human Algorithm reminds us powerfully to recognize the importance of developing a moral framework for our world’s next major stakeholder – artificial intelligence – in shaping a more just and equal society.

— Jacqueline Novogratz 
“The era of thinking machines is no longer the stuff of science fiction; it is our present reality. In this compulsively readable, mind-bending book, Flynn Coleman encourages us to start grappling now with the daunting challenges ‘the Intelligent Machine Age’ presents to our conception of what it means to be human. A Human Algorithm is more than a book; it is a manifesto for our times.
— Reza Aslan, author of God: A Human History 


Flynn Coleman is an author, an international human rights attorney, a professor, a public speaker, a social innovator, a social justice activist, a former competitive athlete, an ethical fashion designer, and a founder and CEO.

Flynn has spoken, written, and taught extensively on issues of war crimes, genocide, the future of autonomous weaponry and war, emerging technologies, international trade, gender equality, behavioral economics, political reconciliation, post-conflict justice, artificial intelligence, ethical design and leadership, improving access to justice and education through innovation, social entrepreneurship, global citizenship, adventure for social good, storytelling, creativity, redefining success, and the future of work, purpose, technology, and humanity.

Flynn is a contributing writer for such publications as The Boston Globe, Literary Hub, HuffPost, Global Citizen, The Next Web, Darling Magazine, Caring Magazine, Thrive Global, Nautilus Magazine, and Dame Traveler. Her work has been translated into various languages and appears in educational textbooks.

She has taught at The New School, Parsons School of Design and was the founding fellow at the Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrepreneurship at NYU School of Law. She was the founding teacher at King’s College London Dickson Poon School of Law on redefining success in the law, and is a faculty member at The School of Life and General Assembly.

She has been named a Henry Luce Scholar, a Designed Good Changemaker, a Wisdom 2.0 scholarship winner, a United Nations writing competition winner, a three-time TEDx speaker, a Council on Foreign Relations Stephen M. Kellen Member, the recipient of the YFU Distinguished Alum Award, and the inaugural recipient of a Women in Sports award. Flynn is also the honoree of the NCP Visionary Award.

She is the author of the book, A Human Algorithm (2019), a groundbreaking narrative on the urgency of ethically designed AI and a guidebook to reimagining life in the era of intelligent technology.

She holds a BSFS from Georgetown University, a JD from UC Berkeley School of Law, and an LLM from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has also studied at La Sorbonne, the University of Cambridge, Trinity College Dublin, La Universidad de Chile, Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, Senegal, and Université de Genève.

A native of Los Angeles, Flynn has lived in France, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Italy, Hong Kong, Fiji, Cambodia, Senegal, the Netherlands, and Chile. She currently calls New York and Los Angeles home. Flynn has worked with the United Nations, the United States Federal Government, and with international corporations, universities, and human rights organizations around the world.

She speaks five languages, and her wanderings have taken her from rebuilding homes and schools in New Orleans and Fiji, to distributing gifts to children in Haiti and school supplies in Guatemala and Ethiopia, to spending time with primates in Spain, to teaching How to Make a Difference in a Mongolian yurt in the English countryside, to huffing up Mount Kilimanjaro with her dad, to zodiac boating in Alaska with her mom.

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