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Meet Nadine and Tova

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February 1, 2018

Meet Nadine Quomsieh, the manager of the Parents Circle’s Palestinian office, and Tova Buchsbaum, a bereaved Israeli member. For more on the work of the Parents Circle, click here

Personal note from Nadine:

“As I look on this past year, I feel like I must prepare myself for a year that will likely bring consequential political changes within the world’s most troubled region, changes that will have long-term impacts on efforts to achieve peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

I believe that peace-building is the only sane path of reason and commitment that Palestinians and Israelis can take. Can I explain to others my conviction at a time when many people tell me, at best, that I am naive, or at worst, that I am a traitor for engaging with the “other” or for speaking against injustices committed by the other side and neutralize my personal feelings?

Regardless of my personal feeling, if I become pessimistic and bitter, I will have to give up my work for peace. But bitter words don’t convince anyone.”

Personal note from Tova Buchsbaum, bereaved Israeli member of the Parents Circle:

“Last month we met — nearly 40 Israeli and Palestinian women of varying ages with one common denominator: we have all lost a family member as a result of the conflict.

I have participated in quite a few meetings of the Parents Circle. But this time there was something different. Over the past 6 months, Palestinian women members have participated in a project to empower women and develop leadership. In the meeting, participants shared ideas regarding the role of women and Palestinian mothers in resistance to the occupation. I listened to them with interest and curiosity.

With their leadership potential, I am sure that together we can continue to bring the Parents Circle’s message of peace and reconciliation anywhere and everywhere: in Israel, in Palestine, and the whole world.”

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