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Build the Skills and Knowledge to foster a more humane and resilient future, with the Masters in Global Strategy and Sustainability

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February 7, 2022

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As a society, we face urgent challenges from the impact of climate emergencies, environmental damage and social inequality. The University of Edinburgh's MSc in Global Strategy and Sustainability equips managers with the skills and knowledge to implement meaningful strategic change, across businesses and organisations seeking to achieve environmental and social sustainability.

Regulatory pressures, financial markets, employees, and external stakeholders are demanding that businesses take a more active role in upholding values of environmental stewardship, equality and diversity. There is a great need for individuals with a nuanced understanding of governance structures, business processes, supply chain issues, and the importance of both global and local stakeholder support in achieving this transition.

The purpose of this programme is to ensure you develop the knowledge and insight required to address this need and lead that change.

Those passionate about environmental sustainability and social impact will gain contextual understanding of contemporary thinking in global business and strategy. In particular, courses will focus on the role of business, government and third sector organisations in moving to a more sustainable future.

For those from a business background, this new MSc will help you develop a systemic understanding of environmental and social issues, including ways business both contributes to the problem, and plays a vital part in achieving positive change.

Career progression
Throughout your MSc, you will be learning from researchers who are international leaders in their field. In addition to coursework, this programme offers many networking and professional development opportunities through the School’s Centre for Business, Climate Change, and Sustainability (B-CCaS) as well as seminar events with industry practitioners, including School and University alumni.

Graduates from this programme will therefore be equipped to apply for a broad range of positions. Examples of roles and areas of work include: Business Strategy Consultant, Sustainability & Environmental Manager or Officer, Sustainability Programme Manager, Sustainability Communications Specialist, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Community Development Manager, Business Development Manager, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Supply Chain Manager and Project Manager.

Valued by employers
Graduates across the School’s MSc courses regularly secure posts with leading employers. Given that sustainability is now a core strategic issue for many organisations, there is a rapidly growing need for professionals knowledgeable in the theory and practice of management combined with an in-depth understanding of sustainability issues. The knowledge and skills gained from completing this programme will place you in an excellent position to advance your career.

Structure and assessment
Following induction and welcome week, you will study three core courses and one option course in Semester 1. Semester 2 brings two more core courses alongside two option courses. These are drawn from an extensive, annually reviewed list. Learning is achieved through lectures, class debates, set readings, case studies, and consultancy projects. Assessment methods comprise a combination of formal examination, individual/group assessment and group presentations. Find out more on our website.


Your MSc concludes with a dissertation informed by your course learnings. The dissertation is an individual research project on topics at the intersection of strategic management, sustainability and corporate responsibility. Dissertations can take the form of a traditional project, a business report – which can be company sponsored – or a joint challenge dissertation in which you investigate issues around an environmental and social challenge with a group of like-minded peers.

Group Consultancy Projects
Our MSc in Global Strategy and Sustainability enables students to apply concepts and approaches from the domain of sustainability and social impact to the management and design of business practices and processes. A major feature of this programme is the Sustainability Consultancy Project in which students deal with a real environmental or social sustainability issue faced by a sponsoring business or organisation.

For more information on application and entry requirements, please visit our website

Message from Winston Kwon, Programme Director MSc in Global Strategy and Sustainability

The challenge for any business thinking seriously about sustainability and society is to think about change within the context of wider systems change. How do we allocate this burden of systems change and sustainability targets to different industries, sectors and organisations, while contributing to net zero carbon and protecting and strengthening human rights.
We all have basic rights – the right to clean water, the right to an education, the right to be free from poverty, and the right for equality and diversity – both locally and globally. This programme is about learning how we can change and reform business to overcome the challenges of transitioning to a sustainable future.
I welcome you to join us to create a group of like-minded individuals who share a passion for environmental sustainability and social change, and understand the importance of developing new business processes and practices to achieve that change.


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