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Make Your Social Impact Cover Letters More Awesome with the Help of ChatGPT

Craig Zelizer

May 10, 2023

This video and summary post is part of PCDN's series on How to Use AI Tools to Improve Your Job Search and Your Impact Career.

See a short summary (developed in part by ChatGPT) below and the video here

Setting the Stage: The Mission

In this engaging video, Dr. Craig Zelizer, a social impact leader with 30 years of experience, embarks on a fascinating journey into the realm of AI, specifically, ChatGPT and Bing + Microsoft Edge. Driven the mission of PCDN to help level the playing field by making opportunities as universally available as talent, he explores how these AI tools can assist in crafting standout cover letters. Intriguing, isn't it?

Unlocking AI Secrets: The Power of Prompts

As we dive into the AI, Dr. Zelizer emphasizes the importance of prompts. They're like the secret code that gets the AI gears turning! But it's not just about asking; it's about asking right. Trial and error is the name of the game here, so don't be afraid to refine and rephrase until you hit the sweet spot.

The AI Wordsmith: ChatGPT and Bing/Microsoft Edge in Action

Next, we get a front-row seat as Dr. Zelizer puts both ChatGPT and Bing/Microsoft Edge to the test. He feeds in a series of prompts, a job link, and his LinkedIn profile, and the AI tools reciprocate with draft cover letters. But here's the twist! These AI wordsmiths might mix up a few details or create "AI hallucinations" - false details or claims. That's where the human touch comes in - double-checking the details and ensuring everything's on point.

Steering Clear of AI Hallucinations

Dr. Zelizer also points out an interesting aspect of AI - hallucinations. Sometimes, the AI might include details or claims that aren't true. So, always be on the lookout for these little missteps!

Ethics of AI: A Responsible Approach

Before wrapping up, Dr. Zelizer takes a moment to discuss the ethics of AI. His advice? Use AI as a tool to lay the groundwork for your cover letter, but make it authentically yours with personalized edits and refinements.

The Verdict

Dr. Zelizer concludes by comparing the two AI tools. Both ChatGPT and Bing/Microsoft Edge are free to use, although ChatGPT can get a little overloaded at times, and offers a paid version for $20. He finds that with the right prompts and a discerning human touch, these AI tools can be powerful allies in crafting job application materials. However, ChatGPT seems to deliver a more ready-to-go draft with an 80-85% readiness level, while Bing/Microsoft Edge offers more of a structured outline and key points to highlight. Ultimately, it's all about making it 100% you!

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