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February 16, 2018

I do agree, that everything in life has a purpose, even more, everything knows its purpose. But it seems like only humans get lost in knowing what the purpose is. Some of them -if not the majority- are lost, and I think they are still not aware of their purpose, which paves their way to peace and happiness. Therefore, it’s very important to find out what the purpose of your life is, and it’s recommended for all to find out the purpose as earlier as possible at a very young age. This will save you much time of trying this way or that. In addition, it helps you to walk your own path, and to keep you on the track where you can achieve your goals.

Having your own purpose in life like singing your own inner music. 

So then, how to find your purpose in life? Well, there are many different ways and practices, but one of the easiest ones I recommend is the free association way, which is most commonly associated with Sigmund Freud, who was the founder of psychoanalytic therapy. This practice is useful for discovering unconscious thoughts and feelings that had been repressed or ignored. Once you become aware of these unconscious thoughts and feelings, you will be better able to change problematic behavior. 

To apply the free association you got to have an A4 paper and a pen. Start with writing the sentence “ My purpose of life is” then write down what suddenly comes to your mind. For example, my purpose in life is to be a scientist or my purpose in life is to serve people, or my purpose of life is to teach and train people, whatever, just keep writing down what comes into your mind, keep writing what you feel, until you get to the point where a sentence really inspires you and makes you enthusiastic. Sometimes you start crying like when you feel nostalgic, it’s when you feel heart touching. So now circle the sentence/s that you feel passionate about. Try to read the circled sentence tomorrow, and check if it still affects you, read it for few days. If it still affects that has to be your purpose in life at least for the moment.

This exercise has to be done in a relaxed environment where is no disturbance, or without interruptions. Moreover, the exercise takes time and needs to be done correctly with at least 10 sentences up to 30. I invite you to do the exercise at least once in a life, as it could be the most important exercise, that you have ever done.

Remember change takes a place after doing. We have been taught “knowledge is power” but in fact applying knowledge is the power, so that nothing will ever change if you just read, but putting into action is what creates the difference. Therefore, don’t just read, but apply soon.

Now you have come out with a sentence that denotes your life purpose. Write it on a poster as a statement, and hang it in a place where you can read it once a day. You can put it on your mobile phone, or iPad, or even on your personal computer. Check it out for few days, while you read the statement of your life purpose, whether it motivates you, keeps your desire burning, inspires you, drives you, and really makes you connected with it. If it is, that means you are living for it, and it becomes your mission for now. Sometimes you can sharpen your life purpose by modifying the statement, but not to totally change it.

What if your life purpose doesn’t move you, or no longer motivate you? In this case, take it easy and you can change it. Reapply the exercise again until you come out with something inspires you. However, if you keep changing your life purpose every day, that isn’t a life purpose, it could be a goal, which easy to change, or something else. Changing the life purpose means creating another lifestyle with a different timeline. For instance, any professional organization has a clear mission, vision, values, and set of goals and objectives. The mission of any organization doesn’t end, and it indicates the general direction of the organization, not the destination. In other words, it’s the pathway. Similarly, human being when it comes to life purpose.

Life purpose, mission, and the pathway are alike. If you could clearly answer the two questions of “Why are you here in the world? and “What are you doing most of the time?” welcome, you exist!


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