For us, it begins with education

With 40+ years of combined experience, we know what's needed for people to succeed in the world of social good.  From blogposts, to podcasts, webinars and e-books we offer you all the tools you need to   be a successful changemaker.


Our meta-job lists in social change jobs has had over 250k views. Find every imaginable guide you can imagine to prepare you in having a great social change career. From grad school, to online education, to fellowships, to jobs, guides to networking and more.

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There are many resources on how to land a job but very rarely would you see a guide that focuses SOLELY on social change jobs. From how to prepare for the job search, to how to negotiate your salary, these ebooks will make this otherwise daunting process very easy.

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We have been so busy and so excited this year that we simply ran out of time. The upcoming courses will give you the opportunity to interact with the instructors and answer your specific career questions in real time. If you love the ebooks you’ll enjoy the courses too.

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Curious about who is behind PCDN's content?

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