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Lead systemic change with an expanded consciousness: New graduate programs in Transformative Leadership and Spirituality

Craig Zelizer

November 21, 2022

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How can we engage in social change as creative, visionary responses to the complex challenges of our present world? Each one of us can lead change in our own context, learning how to develop our skills for self-reflection, systems thinking, creativity and community building.

A school that supports the dynamic of personal and social transformation

The Providence School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality at Saint Paul University was created to take up the task of developing transformative leaders grounded in self-awareness, self-determination, courage and empathy, who can stand up to power-based, divisive systems, with the hope of changing them for social justice and the flourishing of all.

Transformative leadership is a dynamic process that effectively engages the inner world of the whole person in the practice of social change based on inclusion, equity, social justice, creativity, and commitment to the common good. Our online master’s and graduate diploma programs in transformative leadership and spirituality rely on interdisciplinary approaches and emancipatory pedagogies to support our students’ development as transformative leaders grounded in spiritual depth and vision.

What is the role of spirituality in transformative leadership?

Our programs draw on diverse spiritual traditions, religious and non-religious, as well as Indigenous intellectual traditions to reflect on what it means to be human, to grow in our creativity and compassion, to inspire hope and engage in social justice. We see spirituality as a quest for meaning, deep connections to oneself, others, and the nature world, as well as related to the ability for an individual or a group to understand and live according to norms, values and beliefs that open possibilities for authentic dialogue and deep-rooted leadership.

Innovative methods and unique pedagogies for integral development

We rely on a vision of integral, transformative education to develop systemic and critical thinking, capacities to engage with complex community realities, social and environmental justice, and effectively addressing dynamics of domination and oppression.

Our methodologies draw from various disciplines and epistemologies such as post-(de)colonial praxis, arts-based methods, anti-racism and EDI theories and practices, contemplative approaches and Indigenous worldviews and methods. We also favor culturally and spiritually safe learning environment by using innovative pedagogies such as trauma-informed learning, emancipatory somatic training, social-emotional learning, and Indigenous teachings.

A world of possibility: what can you do with an MA degree in Transformative Leadership and Spirituality?

The beauty of this emerging field of study and practice is that it opens a range of possibilities for innovative work as conscious engagement in social transformation.

What do some of our graduates do?

-           A teacher who accompanies high-school students as part of a unique, social justice program that changes their lives.

-           A community leader who participates in a systems-based change of mental health services to facilitate access for all people.

-           An innovative manager who introduces an ethic of care in their organization.

-           A wellness entrepreneur who offers programs for immigrant women’s health.

-           A clinical psychologist invested in creative and inclusive models for better elderly care.

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