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Join us for our Next Facebook Live, Personal Finance for Changemakers

Craig Zelizer

August 31, 2018

As part of our Social Change Career Helping Line, the world's first crowd & expert sourced helping for Careers in Change, we've started doing weekly Facebook Live sessions called "Lets Talk About Careers in Change".

???Our next Facebook Live which will take place this coming Tuesday September 4 at NOON EST and the topic is Personal Finance for Changemakers, Let's Talk about Money.

Too often people working for social change don't take the time to think about their own personal financial stability. While advancing positive change in the world is essential, taking care of yourself is essentially including financial health this includes thinking about money and its role in your life. In this session we will talk about key strategies and tools related to finances. This will include budgeting, investing for one's future (and ways to save more, negotiating a better salary, thinking about retirement, and key trends in the business of change. Join us for this essential session on a topic that needs much greater exploration.

???See you Tuesday for our #letstalkaboutcareers #personalfinance #money #careers #impact

All you need to is join our Social Change Career Helping Line be online at the time of the session. Participants can put forward their own questions as well as share your own insights & experiences.

The session will also be recorded and viewable in the Social Change Career Helping Line.

Videos from past sessions and tons of insights from our amazing community can be found in the group.

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