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Is The world Your Reflection?

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February 7, 2018

There is a lot of talk out there with many people making the law of reflection either to become a guilt to every one, because that is what they are reflecting in the outside, or it becomes  a denial that they refuse to understand this law, due to their refusal of accepting that whatever they see out there is because they have it inside them.

The law of reflection states that whatever you’re facing in your world is deeply reflecting what you have inside. in this manner whatever we are reflecting as a society or as the world today is because of the collective consciousness of all of us, so no one can deny that we have much terrorism in the world today, which of course doesn’t come from a different planet! but it certainly comes from us as human beings, and we have no choice but to accept this fact.

Most of the so called Muslims today - *ISIS is an example - are facing a massive problem of terrorism, because it’s simply inside them, it’s inside their literature, and their system of thinking, hence it has become a culture whether educational or religious, and I extremely feel sorry about it, but the fact is that because of what lies inside most of Muslims, which are somehow reflected outside, in their world, and we can’t deny it but we can change it by creating a state of self-awareness.

One of the most deadly thoughts we have as human beings is to justify wrong. Therefore there is no excuse for justifying terrorism. If the terrorist act is happening somewhere in the world, for example, because the west has attacked Afghanistan or Iraq or wherever, and then making a justification for that terrorism, it will continue and will breed more terrorism. If any regime or groups or anybody else did something wrong in one county, that doesn’t justify that we also do something wrong to them, even if they did something wrong to innocent people, doing likewise is a justification, and it’s not only bad but it could be a vicious circle.

Let’s get back to the point, whatever I’m seeing there is actually the reflection of me or the reflection of us in that moment, so the bad acts of the world reflects us, it’s because of us, and deeply it’s because that is us, and no justification. Instead, we have to do our job and to clear our mess, whether if we are Muslims or Christians or Buddhists or Hindus, we have to bear our responsibility and to change within ourself. Life is a mirror and always reflecting me or us, it always reflects you or your environment. It’s what goes out must come in.

Most of the people when they watch news - and most of the news is bad-  they get affected and that is the nature of human being, but what if it’s really affecting that much in which I couldn’t sleep for many days, That means I have something inside me and I have got to go deeper and look at me and ask my self why am I affected so much? Why am I still trapped in it? what’s that in my subconscious mind still attached and have made me not to sleep? In fact, it’s something reflecting me or my environment (us). Some people wherever they go they attract the same people with the same qualities that they always used to accompany them! If someone, for example, used to meet cheaters wherever he goes, that means there is a cheater inside him searching those people of the same qualities all the time. if it gets frequently happened it has a clear message and you should be aware of it and decode it. If wherever you go you find those helping people that means you always help people, and so. Whatever outside is, it’s somehow reflecting your state of consciousness all the time, and that is the exact concept of the law of reflection.

Yes, the world is your reflection.

*Notice: If you want to know more about the philosophy of religion please read the article below: 

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