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Interested in Making CHANGE? Here Are Three Master’s Degree Programs Designed for You

Craig Zelizer

September 18, 2018

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By now you’ve noticed: the world needs help. Your help. Yes, yours. There has never been greater demand for the contributions of capable and compassionate people who are willing to take action now. No matter what issue inspires you to act — climate change, human trafficking, refugee crises, gender inequality, racial injustice, or another — the world needs passionate changemakers like you to put your abilities into practice and make positive change.

At the Kroc School at the University of San Diego, our graduate programs empower students with the skills, hands-on experience, and understanding to tackle the world’s most difficult challenges head-on — and to advance their careers in the process.

In our complex world, employers are seeking problem-solvers who can apply real-world changemaking experience to their organizations from their first day on the job. Employers want unafraid innovators who can see opportunities in what others perceive as only problems. In other words, more and more organizations are looking for changemakers, and we at the Kroc School prepare people for a life of changemaking, locally and abroad.  

At the Kroc School, building peace with justice is central to our future. Peace is not solely the absence of war; it is also about developing communities worldwide where people thrive, and where there is justice, equality and opportunity for all. Through our groundbreaking research and forward-thinking programs, we cultivate, empower and partner with peace innovators and changemakers of all kinds, equipping them with the information, resources, and connections to transform powerful ideas into measurable impact.

We invite you to pursue any of our three master’s degree programs for changemakers because the world cannot wait.

Recognizing that changemakers come from all walks of life, each of our graduate programs is available full-time and part-time, we do not require the GRE to apply, and 80 percent of students qualify for Kroc School merit-based scholarships. Learn more about each of our graduate programs:


Master’s in Social Innovation (MASI) — Big Challenges Require Innovative Solutions

The nine-month MASI program prepares students to look critically at the roots of social problems and to create sustainable change in a wide variety of organizational settings. Through a curriculum focused on human-centered design, leadership skills development, and an understanding of business models, you will emerge with an entrepreneurial mindset, prepared to transform existing structures that perpetuate issues of inequality, injustice and poverty. Upon graduation, you will have the career skills to start your own social venture or join another organization as a valuable agent of change.

“The Master’s in Social Innovation heightened my emotional intelligence on a whole new level. I think the level of empathy I came in with versus what I’m leaving with is dramatically changed. It helped me become a better connector to people.” — Dipshika Karki ‘18 (MA)

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Master’s in Conflict Management and Resolution (MS-CMR) — Transform Conflict Into Positive Change

The inaugural cohort of the MS-CMR program, ready to make positive change.


The Kroc School’s new, nine-month MS-CMR program teaches students to manage, resolve and transform conflict in order to foster positive change. It’s designed for professionals from all backgrounds who work with individuals, groups, organizations or even states in conflict. You will gain the skills to prevent, mitigate and resolve conflict using dynamic, interactive methods. Plus, using data and analytics, you will diagnose and interpret what drives conflicts, and you will hone practical skills like mediation, intercultural communication and facilitation. Upon graduation, you will be ready to effectively integrate these skills and create positive change for your own sector or industry.

“Global circumstances demand greater tolerance and respect, paired with new rules for connecting and mechanisms to address differences and conflict. For the outcome of differences and conflict to be positive, we must develop new tools and processes for engagement and resolution.” — Patricia Márquez, Dean

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Master’s in Peace and Justice (MAPJ) — People’s Lives Are the Bottom Line

Students learn about a social coffee collaborative during a field-based course in Rwanda.


The two-year MAPJ program prepares students for diverse career paths in mediation, human rights, peace education, development, advocacy and more. What these students all have in common, though, is a commitment to be a force for positive change in the world. This program is designed for individuals seeking to acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills to become effective agents of peace and social justice in a variety of sectors from start-ups to grassroots organizations, from international nonprofits to governmental agencies and businesses. Upon graduation, you will be a creative problem solver and leader who can advance peace and justice in your current career, or launch yourself into a new one.

“If you allow it, this program will give you great life-changing experiences, it will open your eyes to new perspectives, and it will give you the skills to be a much-needed peacebuilder in whatever sphere you choose.” — Susy Escobedo ‘18 (MA), Attorney at Baker & McKenzie

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At the Kroc School, we are educating for peace. Ready to join us? Learn more about the Kroc School and its graduate programs.



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