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How can humor help sustain Social Change? Happy #nationaltellajokeday

Craig Zelizer

August 16, 2018

Happy #nationaltellajokeday!! We need a lot more humor & fun, which are essential to surviving and making fun of some of the incredibly challenging contexts that we see in the world today. What are your favorite jokes about social change? What platforms do you know that have good jokes about the often long hard slog of advancing change?

One of my favorite jokes (it is very dark humor) comes from Bosnia-Herzegovina where I did my doctoral research on the role of arts in peacebuilding. During the war & siege of Sarajevo an intl film theater festival was organized in 1993. The event attracted over 20,000 people over 10 days despite the dangerous conditions and constant shelling.

A journalist asked the festival lead organizer, Mirsad Puritva, how can you have a festival in the middle of a war? Mirsad answered how can they have a war in the middle of our festival? Of course this is a deadly serious topic but we need much more humor in the world. 

I did publish an article many years back on humor, peacebuilding and conflict which can be found at this link. Would love to see more resources, jokes, and examples of how humor can help us survive and cope with incredibly challenging situations.

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