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Humanity Trumps Hate, Take Action & See Inspiring Examples of Putting People First

Craig Zelizer

March 17, 2017

Take Action Today

At PCDN we are deeply troubled by the shocking actions of the new US administration as well as many of the countries around the world that are putting a block on refugees and demonizing the other. This blog will gather (and be updated over time) a collection of articles, videos and strategies for action.  Please take action, contact your respective government representatives, march, protest, support civil society groups.  Here are a few good resources (please add your own):


Great Examples of Putting People First


Follow Protest Trump on Twitter

If you're a US citizen take 1 minute to call your congresspeople to express your concerns and have your voice heard. There is a wonderful app called 5Calls that provides guidance/scripts  based o your preferred issues and the numbers to call

See the Resistance Calendar

See the Albert Einstein Institute's list of 198 Methods of Nonviolence

See the Indivisible Guide. A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda

Follow the work of the American Civil Liberties Union

For those working in the US Federal Government, know your rights about sharing information with the public. This helpful resource provides useful info and was created by two congressional representatives.

Useful Reading

Read this wonderful article Fighting Back. from Vice News about how Lawyers are taking direct action

Economist Article on How Immigrants & Refugees in Germany are increasing entrepreneurship & entrepreneurial activity

Op-Ed in the NY Times from Angelina Jolie, Refugee Policy Should Be Based on Facts, Not Fear

Open-Ed in the NY times How to Make America Greater: More Immigration has a great overview of data supporting the economic benefits of immigration.

Great example of organizing for change With Trump's travel ban still in flux, these lawyers created a brilliant way to help.

Rethinking our Response to the Refugee Crisis Article from Humans on the Move

Great Examples of Humor and resistance (we need a lot more in the world). Humor can be a great way to address challenging contexts (of course it can also backfire if not done properly).

Saturday Night Live - An American Parody Show that has been doing a wonderful series of comedy sketches. See their Youtube Channel.

A few key videos are below

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - a wonderful weekly radio show/podcast that almost always provides a humorous take on news and events.


Other Humorous Takes


Entrepreneurial Approaches to Positive Change

The Immigrant's Nightmare Game - Game/App designed by two youth to show the negative human, societal and economic impact of stopping migration.

An Open Letter from Social Entrepreneurs to President Trump (so far almost 400 leaders have signed the letter)


This list will be continually updated (please add your own resources and ideas) of what you and others are doing.

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