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How to use AI + Chatgpt to advance your Impact job search

Craig Zelizer

April 27, 2023

Join Craig Zelizer in PCDN.Global's exciting new series, "AI and Your Career in the Impact Sector." Discover how AI tools can revolutionize job searching and career development in the social impact sector, while also addressing the cautions and ethical concerns. Stay tuned for insights, tips, and more!

In the first episode, Craig shares his experiences with ChatGPT, an AI tool from OpenAI, and how it can be used for job searching and upskilling. He demonstrates how to use ChatGPT effectively by providing specific prompts and inputs, showcasing its potential in generating targeted results.

Craig also acknowledges the potential ethical challenges and the importance of verifying the information provided by AI tools. Get ready to explore the future of AI in career development and stay tuned for more episodes in this engaging series!

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