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How to Network when you can't shake hands- Facebook LIVE session Wed March 18 at 12 PM EST

Craig Zelizer

September 13, 2018

How to network when you can't shake hands with Dr. Craig Zelizer and Dr. Catalina Rojas. In the world of social distancing should you stop networking?  Nope.  Join us for this Facebook LIVE session where we will share useful tips to help you to master networking remotely.

At PCDN, we want to contribute to your sanity and productivity in times of the global pandemic crisis.  It sucks to be home, we might as well learn or even just share time together.

In advancing a career of impact developing purpose driven and meaningful networks is critical to not only fostering change in the world, but landing your next gig (by some estimates upwards of 80% of all jobs are filled through networks). For many people networking comes across as an awkward process and at times even something to avoid. Join us in this interactive session how to develop a much more fun, joyful and honest approach to networking. Building purpose driven networks where one is truly helping others and being a giver can lead a much more positive experience for. We will discuss concrete strategies and tools to help you (we hope) learn to enjoy networking. 

 The session will also be recorded and viewable in the Social Change Career Helping Line.


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