E9-S4 How to have a green career with climate change advocate Juliana Gutierrez

Summary & Key Takeways

Closing Season 4 of The Social Change Career Podcast is climate change activist Juliana Gutiérrez. She has focused her career on international cooperation for development and sustainability, working, volunteering and leading different social and environmental causes in public, private and academic sector in organizations including UN-Habitat, UNDP, Amnesty International, AIESEC, La Ciudad Verde, among others. In Episode 9 of Season 4  hear about about Juliana’s earlier years playing with rural kids while her parents worked in remote areas as medical doctors; being totally lost after high school and applying for everything under the sun.  Learn the fascinating journey of how Juliana has become a nationally and internationally recognized climate change professional and entrepreneur.      

Episode 9 of Season 4 is brought to you by The Rotary Peace Fellowship and the Graduate Program in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence at the Heller School for Social Policy at Brandeis University.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Juliana’s story from when she was 5 years old and how she developed her social awareness
  • Juliana reflects on her education (finance and IR background and grad school)
  • How working for the city of Medellin alerted her to the environmental gap in the city’s development agenda
  • Why this led her to work and go to grad school to gain environmental skills
  • For her second masters, she got a scholarship and focused her research on climate change in global southern cities
  • How she met a think-do tank La Ciudad Verde (Green city)
  • Juliana’s tactical urbanism by painting illegal bike lanes which later became Medellin’s official bike lines we enjoy today
  • How she quit her stable job and transition from working on creating awareness to becoming an entrepreneur
  • How Low-Carbon City was born in late 2015 and why it focuses on citizen engagement
  • The process of applying for the Echoing Green fellowship
  • How to get into the environmental scene according to Juliana
  • How to connect your skill/profession to an environmental mission
  • Key skills for a green career
  • Catalina’s (not so good idea) for a campaign to reduce car ridership in Medellin
  • Juliana’s real examples of climate change activism campaigns
  • Career advice for women in social change from Juliana



Graduate School of International Studies, Korea University 


 Low Carbon City

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This episode was brought thanks to the Rotary Peace Center and Brandeis University:

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