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Global Affairs Canada Results-Based Management Guides and Tools

Craig Zelizer

June 19, 2019

Comprehensive Guides to Results-Based Planning, Management  Results Reporting

A few months ago, I commented on Peter Bracegirdle's useful guide to results-based planning for large projects

That user-friendly guide, written in 2009 originally for CIDA, remains useful but has been replaced by Global Affairs Canada with a number of GAC Results-Based Management guides, checklists and templates covering a wide range of topics from theory of change development, to logic models, indicator development, risk management, building a results-based work schedule and results reporting.  

While the particular terminology used by GAC for results (Ultimate Outcome, Intermediate Outcome, Immediate Outcome) will not be exactly the same as those used by all other agencies, these documents can be useful in any context, to guide users through the processes of defining planning managing for results and then explaining them to others.

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